You could do it the hard way...

4 weeks of Going through Next.js and React Documentation

+ 20 hours of learning the differences between Next.js versions

+ 10 hours of learning what you should focus on

+ 40 hours of learning new Next.js version

+ Making time from your full time job

+ ∞ hrs of Overthinking

= months of headache πŸ€•

↓ There's an easier way

About the Workshop

πŸ”₯ Master one of the most loved and widely used frameworks in the React ecosystem

So, React got really confusing...

How do you know what's right and what practices to follow in this ever-changing market? Well, truth be told, you may accidentally slow down your app if you don't know what the best practices are.

Hence, In this workshop,Β Build several apps from scratch and conquer advanced concepts like Next.js Caching, cutting-edge Data Fetching techniques, blazing-fast Performance, SEO, and more!

Tired of Udemy courses that leave you stuck at the starting line? Udemy's a great resource, but for $20, you get a basic overview, not deep dives and personalized guidance. That's where this workshop comes in.

I bring in more than a decade worth of industry experience building production apps so the Q&A part alongside tons of hands-on exercises makes this workshop worth it.

You'll leave this workshop feeling more confident than before.


I've designed this workshop for anyone who wants to level up their Next.js skills and learn core topics in-depth.

  • If you have basic familiarity with JavaScript and React, this is for you.
  • If you want to be more confident building Next.js Apps, this is for you.
  • If you have created apps with Next.js before or are curious to learn how to build production-ready apps that scale, this is for you.



Interactive live sessions

It's a 1 day long workshop


Hands-On Exercises

You will get lots of exercises to learn different topics in Next.js.


Breakout Rooms

πŸ“™ I’ll split you up in Breakout rooms to learn complex topics together.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all workshop content.


Dedicated Q&A time

AMA here.


Professional Industry Insights

Principles & proven insights for seamless user experiences

Don't get stuck in Tutorial hell, push yourself to 🚒 SHIP things quickly through this Workshop!

What will you learn during the Workshop? πŸ“’

This workshop will take you on a hands-on journey where you'll build several apps to solidify your learnings and will teach you what it takes to build full stack Next.js production-ready apps.


The Next.js Essentials

Learn about the power of Next.js and the basics of the framework. Solidify your understanding of the core functionalities and architecture of the Next.js framework.

Topics Covered:

What is Next.js
Why Next.js
What does Next.js offer
Use cases of the framework
Routing in Next.js
Routing Exercises
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Server Actions in Action (with AI)

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Server Actions, including their use cases for data mutation, and explore best practices for their effective implementation.

Topics Covered:

What are Server Actions
Server Actions vs Server Components
Invoking Server Actions
React Performance techniques
Form data manipulation
Data mutation
Error Handling
AI app hands-on exercise
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Mastering Server and Client Components

Deep dive into the concepts of Server and Client components, understand their potential pitfalls, and explore best practices for architecting efficient and scalable Next.js applications.

Topics Covered:

Overview of Server and Client Components
Exercises to understand them in-depth
Dashboard app Exercise
Serialization & De-serialization
SQL Queries with them
Architecture best practices
API routes
Refactor app Exercise
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Caching Deep Dive

Master one of the most complex topics in Next.js for once. Master different caching mechanisms and explore best practices to optimize application performance and user experience.

Topics Covered:

Different caching mechanisms
Gotchas to be aware of
Server-side Rendering vs Pre-rendering vs Static Rendering
Next.js 15 vs 14 differences
Page level vs function level caching
Caching and Performance
Caching updates Exercise
module preview


Master Data Fetching Techniques

Master various data fetching mechanisms in Next.js and craft a comprehensive strategy. Gain expertise in performance optimization techniques to ensure your applications scale seamlessly.

Topics Covered:

Data fetching strategies
Performance techniques
Purging cache
Understanding caching at scale
Partial Pre-rendering
React Cache
Caching Exercises
module preview


Upgrading your Apps: Next.js 15

Stay ahead of the curve! Learn about the upcoming changes in Next.js before you upgrade to ensure a smooth transition.

Topics Covered:

Key differences
Things to note before upgrading
Feature overview
Upgrade your app Exercise
module preview


Effective SEO and Deployment Optimizations

Learn how you can get discovered and rank higher on Google, dynamically update content for your pages and get your app ready for production.

Topics Covered:

SEO Overview
Metadata API
Dynamic SEO
Production-ready app best practices
Cloud Deployment
SEO Exercise
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Bonus πŸ”₯

Get free access to a Self-Paced version of the workshop

Anyone signing up to this workshop gets free access to a self-paced version of the workshop. Keep in mind, this won't be just a zoom recording but well-crafted videos and exercises to help you level up.

⏳ This bonus expires if you don't sign up for the workshop on July 3rd, 2024.

Pricing πŸ’°

Save hours on learning Next.js, take this workshop, level up!

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Wall of Love πŸ’–

Here are some of the top reviews from my Next.js Course!

Excellent course. It took me a lot longer than I thought, to complete the course. It wasn't easy but I learned a ton. They throw a lot at you, so it will be handy to be able to refer back. I have done many courses on Udemy but one thing that stands out is the support. This is the first course where I would get consistent support from the creator. Ankita is great and very helpful. They also do a good job on keeping the material up to date, as well as taking feedback for improvements.


This is a fabulous course not only offering very up-to-date and easy-to-study content, but also a very robust union of alumni-community and hands-on instructors that are literally there to help you overcome any holdback throughout the lectures. I have gotten stuck a couple of times so far, and I have always been helped. It's incredible. Ankita is really good at explaining concepts, which makes the course easy to digest and very worth my investment. I do recommend you to have basic JavaScript knowledge before embarking in this course, but as long as that's there, I am sure this course is for you. You end up building your own apps and projects which is super great portfolio work which not only makes you feel really proud (obviously !!!) but is also a must to potential employers / coworkers. Good luck!


This course is amazing, and covers a lot of complex topics and has done a great job of providing diagrams to simplify things. I now understand a lot more about Next.js, and it is explained in such a simple language that it was very easy to understand even though the topic can be a bit complex. Huge shoutout to Ankita for providing such an amazing course!


The teacher is excellent, she covers all possible bug cases that can happen during daily development work. :)


You are simply the best at explaining things at the simplest form


Excellent course, worth the purchase, and it’s better than Max’s course


Great course , there are only topic specific explanations is considered and there are no oversimplification in some places , which is great thing as leaning for perspective of a begginer. This makes course begginer freindly.


this is a really-really amazing course. it covers from fundamentals to andvance implementation, thanks teacher


This is the best course I've ever found on udemy. The instructor is explaining everything from the basics. A very money worthy course.


I use NextJS on a daily basis at work and learned about key concepts in NextJS. The exercise allow us to build more than just a todo list which is refreshing. The course is engaging and I would recommend this course to any developer.


Ankita is Awesome, she is very detailed and I look forward to subscribing to ALL the courses she is taking.


IΒ΄m only just starting the course but it seems to be really well organized, and looking through the lessons in future sections, I know it will give me a great foundation and chance to practice all the things I have been fuzzy about regarding Next.js. Great attitude and community too!


I've developed Next.js enough to understand how to use and feel comfortable with it. This course gave me a richer understanding to know how to handle more situations and have learned many good techniques.


Awesome! Grate explanation's very detailed and so inspiring! love it when the author is so passionate about coding and new futures it motivates and pushing you forward :), Keep it updated! and hope to see more content from you in the future :). If any one thinks of buying this course and not sure about it... JUST DO IT! worth the money, i took more then 3 courses on nextjs... and no one compares to this one.. good content good quality 10/10.


Very well structured, lots of applicable knowledge and the details behind everything is explained. Beautiful job also demonstrating the best coding practices while building this course. I also love the project based learning approach since learning by doing is a lot better than simply viewing videos, I highly recommend this course!


I really appreciate seeing the instructor show a troubleshooting process while running something like `npx create-next-app` and explaining `npm audit`. I've probably taken another course that showed this, but in this course, it seemed like a more elaborate example in the videos and a good explanation in the comments.


Ankita is an amazing teacher - she goes from basic to complex in a very well-planned fashion. I learn best by doing, and the course projects are really good. I have learnt a lot about Next.js as well as CSS, JavaScript, and React! Thank you for this great course!


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Hi, I'm Ankita πŸ‘‹πŸ½, I have

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  • ✏️ Have taught 10,000+ students React, GraphQL and Next.js online
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I've created this workshop to teach you what I've learned architecting and building apps with Next.js. It can be challenging to learn things independently, explore new tech and do your day-to-day so this workshop will connect you with other folks similar to you.

This workshop will push you to find time to learn.

To get an understanding of my teaching style, πŸŽ₯ check out this playlist ↗️ on my Youtube Channel.

I hope you enjoy the workshop!

I'm excited to have you onboard.

This workshop is here to help you turn into a successful Next.js developer.

Can you offer this training to my team? 🀝

Yes, I can offer the workshop to your teams. I can even offer a custom workshop designed for your need for your company. Just click here to Email me ↗️ and we'll work together to make it happen and discuss things to include in the training.

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